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Helen Marie Baptismal Dresses & Christening Gowns

Premium Handmade  Irish  Baptism  Gowns


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Baptism Dresses & Christening Gowns
Handmade in Ireland by Helen Marie

Handmade Irish baptism dresses and christening gowns by Helen Marie Ireland “an heirloom to be passed down to future generations”

Baptism dresses and christening gowns by Helen Marie are handmade in Ireland, in the beautiful County Galway. With a variety of designs that are suitable for both boys and girls, each baptism gown has been painstakingly crafted from 100% Irish linen, satin or lace. Embroidered with delicate and intricate Celtic designs, each of our christening outfits tells a unique and memorable tale.

If you’re an Irish American who values their Irish heritage, then our stunning baptism dresses will help you maintain your links to a rich, Celtic history.

Christening gowns for baby boys and girls, made exclusively from high quality Irish linen

Linen has been woven from natural flax fibre for thousands of years, and as a fabric for making christening dresses from, it is perfect in its strength and resilience. Woven by experts in Ireland, this beautiful fabric is made using special spinning and weaving techniques, making it among the finest materials in the world for making high quality, comfortable and stunning baptism dresses from. Recognized globally for its unique qualities, a baptism gown made from Irish Linen, is never going to disappoint.

Using only the very highest quality linen from Ulster, Ireland, our christening dresses and bonnets feature intricate Celtic designs, and for the perfect, personalized baptism gown, you can choose a design that represents your Irish county of origin.

Handmade Irish linen baptism dresses from Helen Marie are suitable for baby’s of either gender, enabling you to continue using our beautiful christening outfits for generations to come, and preserve your unique Celtic heritage.

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