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Helen Marie Baptismal Dresses & Christening Gowns

Baptism Dresses for Baby Girls and Boys

Baptism Outfit for Girls and BoysBaptism dresses conjure up all kinds of images for most of us of a day in the life of a baby when they are welcomed into the church. There is always an air of excitement whenever proud parents are planning for their little baby’s christening or baptism at their local church. Parents will often go to great lengths to look for just the right baptism dress for their precious one. Here are a few things you may like to consider when planning for your child’s big day.

Baptism Dresses for Baby Girls and Boys

Normally when we mention a dress, we tend to think that it is more the sort of thing that a young girl would wear or even older girls and women, but not what a boy would usually wear. However, you will be surprised to hear that some Christian baby stores do carry baptism dresses for little baby boys that are called christening gowns. It is a strong tradition in some countries, e.g. Ireland, that boys wear them when being baptised.

Anyway, if you are looking for a suitable baptism dress, you could consider choosing one that comes with a bonnet or one without a bonnet. Most parents will prefer one that comes with a bonnet as it makes their babies look cuter. Most christening dresses usually come with a comfortable length to cover your baby’s legs or even longer. Parents also have the option to purchase hand-made gowns or dresses if they want something more unique and exquisite for their baby to wear.

Fancy A Christening Suit?

If you do not like any christening dresses, then parents with baby boys will most likely want their baby boy to wear a smart christening suit. The christening suit will usually consist of a pair of pants, and a nice shirt and some will even come with a beautiful jacket and a cute bow tie. Talk about dressing up really smart for your christening ceremony. This is bound to make your little boy look more like a ladies’ man as he is sure to capture a lot of attention if he wears this suit to church. Bear in mind that your baby boy must be old enough to stand on his own by then so that he could walk around proudly showing off his cute little christening suit.

Getting Proper Accessories

You will also want your little baby boy or baby girl to look good in their dresses, gowns or suits. So my advice to parents would be to make sure you buy a pair of white socks and shoes to go nicely with the christening apparel of your choice. Using a bonnet or not is up to the parents. What is important is that your baby or toddler fits comfortably into the christening outfit and looks good in it!


Baptism Dresses or Christening Gowns are part of the tradition of many cultures and if your family has a dress that has been handed down through the generations, you will no doubt want to use that one. If you do not have one in your family already, it is an opportunity to start a new tradition and buy a simple well-made garment that will stand the test of time and that you can hand down to your future family.

So remember to bring along your cameras to snap pictures of your baby in his or her special christening dress, gown or suit. While there are a lot of options for parents to choose from, nothing beats the feeling of proudly carrying your baby and showing him or her off to everyone on his special day.