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Helen Marie Baptismal Dresses & Christening Gowns

Baptism Outfits For Boys – Dresses and Gowns?

You have chosen a name, which I am sure was challenging enough, particularly choosing one that all agreed on so that there would be no objections. You have booked the church, and you have even scheduled a party to take place after the ceremony, but how are you going to outfit your adorable newborn boy for the big event? The baptismal or christening clothing will become one of the most important aspects of the ceremony, and it will be remembered by family and friends as well as captured in images for friends and relations to admire for years to come.

Tips: Baptism Outfits For Boys

Tip 1: First thing you should do before you book the church is to make sure that they perform the baptism or christening service and find out if there are any additional procedures that either your baby or you, his parents need to follow before the event.

You want your boy’s Baptism outfit to look great, but you also want it to be comfortable, and the most essential thing is that it should keep your baby either warm enough or cool enough for the time of year, so the length of the sleeves and the type of material need to be taken into account.

Tip 2: Even in the heat of summer, some churches remain rather cool; so, bring a plain white cardigan with you to ensure that your child stays comfortable.

Baptism Outfits for BoysThe costume for the baptism can be a challenging choice, and it becomes even more difficult when the child being baptised is a male. But we are fortunate to live in times, many are open to their sons wearing the traditional dress that their ancestors wore. In recent times men had baulked at the idea of their boy wearing a dress even as a baby. In the past, it was customary for the mother or another member of the baby’s immediate family to sew a ceremonial, long white gown for the child to wear at their baptism. Thankfully, that tradition is now being revived.

There are now Baptism clothes designed specifically for boys, girls, and even fashions that are unisex. In light of the fact that it can be worn at subsequent baptisms and handed down to subsequent generations of the family, many people come to the conclusion that a unisex style is the best option to go with. If the style matches that of a traditional antique gown, then it can be referred to as an heirloom gown.

Tip 3: The third piece of advice is that if you want to purchase a dress that will be passed down through generations, you should attempt to find one that is made of a high-quality fabric such as linen, or satin and spend a little bit more money than you would normally.

Helen Marie provides a personalised gown/dress for christenings and baptisms; they are customisable and come in a variety of colors and styles with Celtic symbols and embroidered names and other religious symbols.

Tip 4: If you want to buy a gown that has been tailored for you, make sure to place your order well in advance of the event, and be wary of the lead times that are offered to you. In this day and age sellers cannot always guarantee quick delivery, particularly at Christmas and other busy times of the year when the mail delivery systems are under pressure.

If you do not want your son to be christened in a conventional gown, what other options are there for christening or baptism dresses for boys that are available? A baby suit or a gown are the two other possibilities that are generally available. But if choosing a suit consider the necessity to change his diapers during the day. This can be done quickly and easily in traditional gowns for both boys and girls. As its name indicates, a baby suit is a very little garment that may be assembled from anywhere between one and five separate pieces. The traditional gown is more similar to a conventional gown or dress, but it has the capability of transforming into a romper suit when the event has concluded.