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Helen Marie Baptismal Dresses & Christening Gowns

Baptism Robes Then and Now

Baptism in White RobeBaptism robes are garments worn by initiates at the time they are baptised into their religion. From time to time, these words make reference to what the clergy has on through the baptismal rite. They are usually white but baptism robes in cream and ivory are now available and growing in popularity.

In the time of the early Roman Empire, citizens were often baptized naked in a river or a stream. As time passes, baptism robes were introduced to reflect the changing attitudes when it comes to the human body and modesty. The Eastern Orthodox Religious organization says that the initiate has on the baptism robe for the period of eight days and nights after which a party honouring the recently baptized is held. In the Catholic Church, most followers are baptised as infants although there are particular robes and rites for adult converts. The baptism gown is generally white and lengthy and worn by the two sexes.

There are specific garments worn for adult baptisms. They are made to get wet since baptism is by immersion of the entire body in water. The baptism robes are usually white and look like a choir gown with no ornamentation. A Mormon Church requires that its male initiates put on white jumpsuits while ladies put on minimal long dresses. Some Protestant churches just baptize their followers when they are infants. Others will only baptize their believers once they have reached adulthood.

These days the robes for adults are dual-layered baptism robes available, intended for men and culotte dresses for ladies for modesty therefore the initiate does not have to wear a second layer of clothes beneath the robe.

Baptism gowns for toddlers did not become popular until Victorian times. Previous to that, toddlers wore their best attire. During the nineteenth century, a married woman who was anticipating her first child would hand stitch a garment for this kind of special occasion, embroider it and often use smocking needlework on the bodice of the outfit. The baptism outfit could be done with a cap or a bonnet along with a shawl usually knitted by the mother herself. Both boys and girls wore christening gowns but it was not unconventional for the siblings to wear the same outfit as they so often do today according to local traditions. The baptism gown generally became a treasured keepsake of the joyful event and also it was often handed down from one generation to another for successive baptisms.

In the modern world, very few women have got the time and the inclination to design and make a baptism robe. You will find internet websites that promote exclusively baptism robes and also other baptism outfits for boys and girls. A few are hand-made to order. The kind of material used along with the quantity of finely detailed embroidery that goes into these kinds of clothing determines the retail price.

A number of baptism robes are created with polyester cotton; others are made with the best possible imported silk dupioni. The outfits start at $50 and can go up to several hundred US dollars for the more costly heirloom dresses that include hand-made embroidery as well as imported lace. Several are machine made yet others are produced by hand and also to order.

Baptismal robes are usually stored for future generations to make use of. They should be stored in good-quality wrapping to protect them from the ravages of time so they can be passed on to coming generations. These special boxes are usually sold through the same websites that sell the gowns.