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Helen Marie Baptismal Dresses & Christening Gowns

What Baby Christening Gown Should You Choose?

A Baby in a Baptism Outfit - Christening GownA Christening Gown is a very important part of a child’s christening, one of the most memorable and significant days of their life. In fact, it is usually their first major event, as it occurs before their first birthday. Though the formalities of christenings can vary greatly, two items have remained essential components of the ceremony throughout the centuries: God and Baby Christening Gowns.

Baby Christening Gowns in a Traditional Style

In the early days of baby christening, the event required a significant amount of planning. The infant’s mother would sew a white gown for her baby girl or boy to wear on the occasion. These Baby Christening Gowns were always of heirloom quality and appearance, being long-sleeved, lengthy, and made of linen, cotton, silk, or satin, with matching booties and bonnets. The embroidery designs ranged from simple to intricate. The gown would become a family heirloom, passed down and worn by the family’s other children and grandchildren.

What Does a Christening Mean?

Children are God’s gifts, and when parents decide to give their child to Him, they make the ultimate acknowledgement of this. A christening is a public expression of gratitude to God for bringing your precious child into the world, as well as your promise to train them up in the way that they should go, which means to live their life as a member of the Christian faith. A Christening is the beginning of a solid foundation for your child’s faith; however, it does not convert them to Christianity. That is a personal decision they must make for themselves when they reach the legal age of consent. It is your responsibility to best prepare them for that decision until then. This is the general meaning of baby christenings; specifics vary according to denomination.

Christenings are traditionally a sacred ceremony attended by family, friends, and, on occasion, the church body. The ceremonies, which are usually held outside of regular church services, often include anointing with holy water, special prayers, Godparents, and, of course, baby christening gowns.

New Traditions, New Fashions

In today’s churches, blessings, thanksgivings, and dedications are becoming popular alternatives to baby christenings. They are typically held during regular church services, are less formal, and some do not use christening gowns at all.

If traditional christening gowns aren’t your thing, there are plenty of modern options for today’s babies. Long, unisex gowns are still popular, but there is a large selection of baby christening clothes for both girls and boys. The plain white colouring of the gowns and clothing has not been abandoned, but you now have a wide variety to choose from. The designs are more detailed, with bright embroidery, lacing, and even sequins. There are also preemie gowns available. Contact Us and we can discuss your needs if the ones on this website are not exactly what you need.

Purchasing A Christening Gown for a Baby

Finding the ideal gown or outfit for your baby’s christening does not have to be difficult. You have several options:

  • Crafty? Create your own
  • Online shopping at speciality stores
  • Look through yard sales.
  • Request one from friends or family members.

Consider your baby’s comfort (confinement, time of year, etc.) as well as the style you prefer when shopping for baby christening gowns.

Keep your baby’s christening gown safe by storing it in a vinyl or plastic bag. After all, your grandchildren may one day wear it.